By hiring any of the vehicles of AUTOS JAIRA, you accept and assume the conditions established for the rental of vehicles of our company, which, in general and without prejudice to other exceptional circumstances that must be included in the contract, are the following:

First: In order to hire a vehicle from our fleet, you must be in possession of a driving licence valid in Spain and must be at least 3 years old. We remind you that the minimum age to hire a vehicle is 21 years old, except for motorhomes and special vehicles, whose minimum age to hire is 25 years old.
Secondly, at the time of collecting the vehicle, it is essential to present a valid credit or debit card and that it is in the name of the driver to carry out the payment; it is a necessary condition to be able to collect the vehicle.
In addition to this, you should bear in mind that, depending on the model, insurance contracted and method of payment, our company may require a deposit, without which the vehicle cannot be collected.
Third.- The contracting of a vehicle includes:
Compulsory insurance or 100% comprehensive insurance (without excess).
Unlimited liability insurance, bail and legal defence in Spain, as well as third party damages, coverage for damages to the vehicle and occupants (contracted with the company Mutua Tinerfeña).
Unlimited mileage
Local taxes
Baby seats or boosters, on request.

In addition, you can take out insurance with comprehensive cover for collision damage, which also covers wheels, tyres and punctures. Mirrors, rear-view mirrors, glass, windows, optics (front and rear lights and indicators). Roadside assistance, towing and replacement. 

Fourth - Additional drivers
You may add an additional driver to your booking, who must comply with the conditions required for the contract, regarding minimum age and driving licence.
The hiring of an additional driver may involve an additional commission, which must be paid at the time of formalising the rental contract.

Fifth - Prices and rates - The prices to be applied are those established on our website for the period of the contract. If you extend the rental period, remember that other rates may apply other than those obtained at the time of contracting.

Sixth - Penalty for late delivery - If the vehicle is delivered after the agreed time, we will apply a surcharge equal to the price established for 24 hours, which will be billed either against the deposit or will be charged to your credit card.


The vehicles cannot be moved outside the island where they were rented and it is forbidden to transport them by boat or any other means of transport, vehicle or trailer without prior authorisation, so if you are planning to do so, please inform our Company of the itinerary at the time of booking.

Under no circumstances will any insurance cover be provided for damage caused by negligence on the part of the driver or non-compliance with the conditions of the contract, such as the following: loss of keys, damage to the underbody due to driving in places that are not suitable for public transport, and incorrect refuelling, among others.


Is not responsible for any objects left inside the vehicle by the client.

The collection and delivery of the vehicle will be carried out in our facilities; remember that if you need to deliver the vehicle in a different place than the place of collection, you must inform our staff at the time of signing the contract, and an additional cost may be established for this.
The contracting driver is liable for any infringement committed during the period of hiring the vehicle (fines, parking, etc.) in accordance with the Highway Code, as well as current legislation.