By hiring any of the AUTOS JAIRA vehicles, you accept and assume the conditions established for the rental of our company's vehicles which, in general and without prejudice to other exceptional circumstances that must be included in the contract are the following:

First: To make the contract, it is mandatory to make payment with a credit card, which we will use as a guarantee. If you do not have it, we will request you a deposit of €300 with the card you wish to use.

Second: You must have a valid driving license in Spain and with a minimum age of 3 years.. We remind you that the minimum age to rent is 21 years, except for camper and special vehicles, whose minimum age to rent will be 28 years.

Third: Depending on the model, insurance contracted and payment method, our company may require a bond or deposit, without which the vehicle cannot be collected.

Fourth: Hiring a vehicle includes:

- Civil liability insurance for an unlimited amount, bond and legal defense in Spain, as well as damages to third parties

- Coverage for damage to the vehicle and occupants (contracted with the company Mutua Tinerfeña)

- Unlimited mileage

- Local taxes

- Roadside assistance, tow truck and replacement.

- Second driver free.

Fifth: hiring a vehicle does not include:

- Damage to wheels and tires. (punctures or breaks) (INCL.PREMIUM)

- Damage to the undercarriage of the car caused by driving the vehicle on unpaved roads, such as dirt roads, beaches, etc. (INCL. PREMIUM)

- Loss, breakage or deterioration of the vehicle keys.

- Improper fuel refueling.

- Accidents caused by reckless driving, or under the influence of alcoholic beverages or other substances.

- Losses, damages, etc. to goods or objects stored or transported in the vehicle are not included.

- Traffic fines

Sixth: SMOKING IS COMPLETELY PROHIBITED INSIDE THE CAR (any damage caused inside the car will be penalized)

Seventh: add COMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE WITHOUT EXCESS - PREMIUM: (€12.00 per day) additionally covers only damage done to rims, tires and undercarriage of the car.

Eighth: The prices to apply are those established on our Website for the period you contract. If you extend the rental period, remember that other rates may apply than those obtained at the time of contracting.


- For late delivery: If the vehicle is delivered after the agreed time, we will apply a surcharge equal to the price established for 24 hours, which will be invoiced, either with a charge to the deposit or deposit or will be transferred to your credit card.

- For not refueling with gasoline: Failure to return the gasoline tank to the same level as it was delivered has a penalty of €50 being withdrawn from the credit card or deposit.


- Vehicles cannot be moved outside the island where they were rented and their transport by boat or in any means of transport, vehicle or trailer is prohibited without prior authorization, so if you plan to do so, please inform us at the time of taking the vehicle. the contracting is carried out, and the itinerary must be informed to our Company.

-The collection and delivery of the vehicle will take place at our facilities; Remember that if you need to deliver the vehicle to a location other than where it was collected, you must notify our staff at the time of signing the contract, and an additional cost may be established for this.

-The contracting driver is responsible for any infraction committed during the period of contracting the vehicle (fines, parking, etc.) in accordance with the Highway Code, as well as current legislation.


If the client cancels the reservation, the amount already paid will not be returned. You can request to postpone the reservation dates for when you need it. (maximum one year)